Duct cleaning equipment: The right equipment is essential

Almost all commercial and industrial buildings must use proper duct cleaning equipment. We rarely think about it, but the truth is, when left uncleaned, these important ducts can lead to poor health and respiratory problems. This is just one of the reasons why air duct cleaning is important.

The Problem

These tubes that carry air around the office or facility, whether for heating or cooling, can accumulate and transmit dust, bacteria and other allergens. If there is black mold in a home, you can be sure it is spread by the heating or cooling system. People living in homes with too much dust, mold, or bacteria tend to get sick often and have weakened immune systems, but they rarely associate this with not cleaning the air ducts.

Unfortunately, most people never think about cleaning their air ducts until something goes wrong, the boiler overheats, or they see bugs coming out the ducts. With proper maintenance, air ducts do not need to be clogged and filled with dust.

Use the right equipment

The process of cleaning air ducts requires suitable equipment. It can be a messy procedure,
It is therefore advisable to have extra clothing or plastic on hand to protect carpets and furniture. If possible, evacuate the used vacuum cleaner outdoors.

Duct cleaning equipment is varied and you will need to decide which type of tool is best for you. Insulation blowing machines are an option and are popular for loosening blockages. They can also be useful in getting things done. A good air gun head can also come in handy when it comes to removing stubborn debris from ducts.

A powerful vacuum cleaner is also needed to vacuum up any debris. If the vacuum cannot be vented outside, you will need to invest in a heavy-duty filtering vacuum that meets HEPA standards. It will filter out all the pollutants and debris sucked in and allow clean air to be forced out into the house. It also significantly reduces the amount of cleaning in general after cleaning the air ducts.

On the less tech side, soft bristle brushes on stretch handles make it easy to remove stubborn stains and mold from ducts without damaging them. You can even clean fiberglass coated tubing with this type of duct cleaning equipment.

It pays to invest in higher quality equipment because it will serve you longer. The worst thing that can happen in the course of a job is that your air duct cleaning equipment breaks down, leaving you to do all the cleaning with a brush!

Additional equipment for air ducts

While these are some of the most important and largest pieces of cleaning equipment, it's a good idea to keep other items on hand to aid in the cleaning process. Here are a few

- Magnetic sheets to cover the vents
- A misting machine, with a liquid to eliminate odors and kill mold.
- Predatory whips, to dislodge insects and debris stuck in the small access holes.
- An air compressor
- Additional tubes, clips and gaskets

It's a good idea to keep a handful of spare parts on hand. You will find that there are many other accessories and additions to make air duct cleaning easier, but the investment in these is up to you and your budget.

For anyone new to duct cleaning, having the right duct cleaning equipment is necessary. Without it, you'll spend a lot more time than you need on each job, losing money and possibly customers. However, with the right equipment, you will be able to get your job done quickly and easily and gain new customers in the process.

After a little investigation you will probably find that the cheaper units weigh a lot more, which means that you will still need the extra manpower, that they have half the suction, which means that it does. will take longer and ultimately cost you much more. Also take into account the actual cost of the duct cleaning equipment for your vacuum cleaner, we call it the "printer trap": you know you can buy a printer for $ 39 and spend $ 110 on it. ink the next time you need a refill? and to add even more insult, the ink cartridge only lasts a few pages.

Cheaper units use inferior filtration systems that usually need to be replaced much sooner. You will have to constantly replace expensive filter banks and pay more for the courier who delivers to you each month. Many of our customers who have adopted Revolution vacuums have saved thousands of dollars on filters.

There are the old trusty tools known as reverse jump line, front jump line and blow gun, these 3 tools are must have, you just can't do duct cleaning without them. Then there are the more advanced cleaning tools, brush systems and whisk systems. They all have their place in the field of duct cleaning.

Brush systems work well and are excellent for removing encrusted debris inside ducts, whisk systems work well for encrusted debris as well as moving heavy objects downstream to the suction point. The bottom line about advanced agitation duct cleaning tools is that they don't save time. Using these tools increases the quality of the job, you just need to make sure that you are marketing your business in the right way so that customers know they are getting better quality work and therefore the reason for more expensive cleaning.

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