Bathroom Fan Cleaning

At ProAir, our team of experts can help you with the cleaning of your bathroom fan. We are able to remove dust and dirt buildup in the fan, which can lead to poor ventilation and premature wear of the parts. Our technicians are also experienced in cleaning commercial and residential fans.

With a wide range of cleaning solutions, ProAir can help improve the air quality and ventilation in your home. We are also able to remove dirt and grime buildup in your bathroom exhaust fan, as well as various other surfaces. Our technicians are also trained to clean multiple products such as kitchen exhaust vents and grease traps.

Importance Of Debris and Dirt Removal

Getting rid of debris and dirt buildup in your home’s exhaust system can help improve its ventilation and prevent premature wear of the parts. Having the professional cleaning of your exhaust lines and fan will also help improve the efficiency of your home.


Since the introduction of the Pro Air system to the global market, the United States, Australia, Europe, Canada and Mexico have enthusiastically begun to replace their now obsolete duct cleaning methods with the system. revolutionary Pro Air duct cleaning.

For a free inspection of the cleaning process for your drying ducts and ducts, give us a call. Make your home a safe and healthy place to live by contacting ProAir.





Service professionnel, employé polie. Travail bien fait et prix raisonnable! L'équipement utilisé est performant et permet les travaux dans dégât.

Marilyn V.
Boucherville, QC

Très bon service, Marcel m'a expliqué très bien les étapes du nettoyage. Ponctualité, présentation. Je recommande les services de Marcel. Merci.

Jonathan G.
Chambly, QC

Marcel arrived 10 minutes early in a very friendly good mood impeccable service I have nothing negative to say. I highly recommend this company even the receptionists are very nice.

Priscillia H.
Montreal, QC

Excellent service! Very happy with results. Highly recommend.

Tania M.
Longueuil, QC

Very pleased with the cleaning. Paid attention to the smallest details. Took his time to make sure the cleaning was done correctly. Great service.

Alfa F.
Brossard, QC
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